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Welcome to the Illinois Power Agency website for the Ameren Illinois 2012 Procurements of Capacity, Energy and Renewable Energy Credits This website is managed by Levitan & Associates, Inc. as part of our role as the Illinois Power Agency's Procurement Administrator for the 2012 Ameren Illinois Company RFPs. In accordance with the requirements of Section 16-111.5(c)(2) of the Public Utilities Act (220 ILSC 5/16-11.5), the Procurement Monitor, retained by the Illinois Commerce Commission, will also have access to all public and secure information posted to the Web site and submitted to the Procurement Administrator.

The Illinois Power Agency filed the initial Procurement Plan, consistent with Section 16-111.5(j) of the Public Utilities Act (220 ILSC 5/16-111.5) on September 28, 2011, in ICC Docket No. 11-0660. The Illinois Commerce Commission approved the plan, with modifications, in an Order issued on December 21, 2011 (the Final Order). The Illinois Power Agency subsequently issued the revised Procurement Plan, as modified by the Final Order, on February 16, 2012. These materials are posted on the Documents page. The Plan outlines the process for acquiring capacity, wholesale energy products, and renewable energy credits necessary to meet the needs of the eligible retail customers that purchase power and energy from Ameren Illinois under fixed-price bundled service tariffs. Details regarding each of the products to be procured are specified in the documents contained in each of the RFP sections of this site.

Latest News & Announcements
Wednesday, 5/16/2012
  • The results of the REC RFP bidding are now posted to the ICC website
Monday, 5/7/2012
  • New RECs Q&A posted regarding REC payment schedule
Thursday, 5/3/2012
  • New RECs Q&A posted regarding REC delivery schedule
Wednesday, 5/2/2012
  • The results of the Energy RFP bidding are now posted to the ICC website
  • The Supplier Fee for the REC RFP has been posted
  • The REC Bidder Practice Session presentation has been posted
  • New RECs Q&A posted regarding distributed generation and REC aggregation
  • New RECs Q&A posted regarding penalties for non-performance
Monday, 4/30/2012
  • New RECs Q&A posted regarding Performance Assurance calculations

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