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Welcome to the 2008 Ameren Illinois Utilities RFP Web site. This Web site will serve as the platform for participating in the 2008 Energy, Capacity and Renewable Energy Credits RFPs. Each of these RFPs is located on a separate section of the Web site. The Web site is designed to aid prospective bidders by: providing information about the procurement process; directions regarding bidder pre-qualification and bid preparation; a forum for asking questions and obtaining answers about the RFPs and the procurement process; and a means for submitting bidder information and bids. The Web site is constructed to preserve the confidentiality of bidders and information submitted by bidders.

Each RFP section of the Web site consists of two tiers:

  1. The first tier is fully accessible to the public, and contains the RFP and contract documents, bidder credit requirements, announcements regarding modifications to any of these materials, two sets of forms to be completed by prospective bidders, and directions for completing forms and submitting bids. The first form is the Notice of Intent to Bid, which must be completed and submitted by all prospective bidders. The second form is the Pre-Qualification Application, by which each bidder submits information regarding bidder’s and guarantor’s company and credit information, as well as other relevant information. The public tier of the Web site also contains the forum for questions and answers. Any information which might reveal the identity of the bidder submitting the questions will be removed prior to posting. Prospective bidders will file their Pre-Qualification Applications through this tier of the Web site. Bidders who are pre-qualified will be notified and will become Registered Bidders by submitting a bid letter of credit and a signed commitment form.
  2. The secure tier is protected and accessible only to Registered Bidders. In the secure tier, Registered Bidders will submit their binding, confidential bids.

This Web site is managed by Levitan & Associates, Inc. as part of our role as the Procurement Administrator for the Ameren Illinois Utilities RFP. In accordance with the requirements of Section 16-111.5(c)(2) of the Public Utilities Act (220 ILSC 5/16-11.5), the Procurement Monitor, retained by the Illinois Commerce Commission, will also have access to all public and secure information posted to the Web site.

Background for the 2008 Ameren Illinois Utilities RFP The Ameren Illinois Utilities filed the initial Procurement Plan, consistent with Section 16-111.5(j) of the Public Utilities Act (220 ILSC 5/16-11.5), on October 26, 2007. The Illinois Commerce Commission approved this plan, in large part, in an order issued on December 19, 2007 (the Final Order). The Final Order is posted in the documents section of this website along with the initial Procurement Plan and related documents filed by the Ameren Illinois Utilties. This plan outlines the process for acquiring standard wholesale energy products, capacity and renewable energy credits necessary to meet the needs of the eligible retail customers that purchase power and energy from the Ameren Illinois Utilities under fixed-price bundled service tariffs. The products to be procured under this plan cover a one-year period from June 1, 2008 through May 31, 2009. Details regarding each of the products to be procured are specified in the RFP documents contained in the public access areas of each of the RFP sections of this Web site.

The information contained in this Web site is presented for the convenience and to aid prospective bidders in the preparation and submittal of bids to the 2008 Ameren Illinois Utilities Energy, Capacity and Renewable Energy Credits RFPs. This Web site is not intended to be an exhaustive source for all documents relating to these procurements. Levitan & Associates, Inc., the Procurement Administrator, and the Ameren Illinois Utilities, individually or jointly, make no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information presented herein. Levitan & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for the contents of any third-party Web sites linked from this site.

 2/11/08Energy RFP Issued
 2/18/08Capacity RFP Issued
 3/10/08RECs RFP Issued
 3/17/08Energy Bids Due
 3/31/08Capacity Bids Due
 4/14/08RECs Bids Due
 6/1/08Services Commence
For details regarding the schedule for each RFP see the individual pages.

4/22/08:The ICC has noticed a Public Notice of Informal Hearing.
4/22/08:Results of the RECs RFP have been released by the ICC and can be viewed here.
4/3/08:Results of the Capacity RFP have been released by the ICC and can be viewed here.
3/24/08:The RECs Bidder Information will take place on Tuesday, March 25th, as scheduled, at 10 am CPT. You can register by clicking here.
3/20/08:Additional RECs and Capacity Q&A have been posted.
3/19/08:Results of the Energy RFP have been released by the ICC and can be viewed here.
3/18/08:Final versions of the Capacity RFP contract documents are available from the Capacity and Procurement Information pages.
3/11/08:The RECs RFP and attachments have been issued and can be downloaded from the RECs and Procurement Information pages.
3/11/08:Additional Capacity and Energy Q&A have been posted.
3/3/08:Additional General and Energy Q&A have been posted.
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