LAI Publications


Eversource Energy

February 2018

Critical Assessment of EDF’s Workpaper on “Vertical Market Power in Interconnected Natural Gas and Electricity Markets”


Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

February 2018

Resource Assessment on the Economic Viability of the Millstone Nuclear Generating Facilities


Maryland Public Service Commission

March 2017

Evaluation and Comparison of US Wind and Skipjack Proposed Offshore Wind Project Applications


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory / Department of Energy

December 2016

High Renewable Electricity Assessment of Gas-Electric Interface (Direct Download)


Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative


Gas-Electric System Interface Study


New York Independent System Operator

September 2013

NYCA Pipeline Congestion and Infrastructure Adequacy Assessment


2012 Northeast Energy and Commerce Association Fuels Conference

September 2012

Shale Gas Production and Deliverability Implications for New England


New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners

May 2012

Shale Gas – Quantities, Price, and What’s to be Done


Northeast Energy and Commerce Association, Renewables and Distributed Generation Committee

March 2012

Power Market and System Operating Impacts of Solar Development in Massachusetts


Public Utilities Fortnightly

February 2012

Green Gridworks


New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

April 2011

Long-Term Capacity Agreement Pilot Program Agent’s Report


Illinois State University for Regulatory Policy Studies’ Conference on Jurisdictional Forum Shopping

April 2011

Leaning on Line Pack


Public Utilities Fortnightly

January 2011

Leaning on Line Pack


Platts 3rd Appalachian Gas Conference

October 2010

Growth Prospects for Appalachian Gas: Good Access Trumps Market Fundamentals


The Energy Consortium

October 2010

Recent Developments and the Outlook for Natural Gas in the Northeast


New England Roundtable

April 2010

Future of Natural Gas in New England and Interaction with Electricity Markets


Maryland Public Service Commission

March 2009

Financial Risk Analysis of the Return to Rate Base Regulation


Maryland Public Service Commission

December 2008

Analysis of Resource and Policy Options for Maryland’s Energy Future (Final Report)


IDEA 99th Annual Conference & Trade Show

June 2008

Managing Regret Risk: Managing Downside Risk in Energy Procurement


Maryland Public Service Commission

November 2007

Analysis of Options for Maryland’s Energy Future (Interim Report)


Platts Northeast Power Markets Forum

March 2006

Finding Incentives to Lessen the Gas Overbuild


SynGas Refiner Workshop

March 2006

IGCC Comparative Economics


IDEA Campus Energy Conference

February 2006

Cornell University Energy Master Plan


Insight Information’s Energy Contracts

March 2005

Managing Transportation and Storage Risks



November 2004

Financing Projects with ICAP Revenues



June 2003

Power Sales Contract Restructuring



June 2003

Winter 2002/2003: Gas Storage Forensics and Emerging Market Trends


Massachusetts Electric Restructuring Roundtable

June 2003

Outlook on Gas Supply and Deliverability in New England


Energy Committee of NYC Bar Association

April 2003

An Outlook on Gas Commodity Prices and Market Fundamentals in the Northeast


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