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The Procurement Administrator will endeavor to answer all submitted questions in a timely and professional manner in accord with the goals of the RFP process. Questions will be answered by the Procurement Administrator in the order they are received, except in those cases where a specific question requires additional consideration, thereby extending the response period.


Is the Pre-Qualification Application applicable to all three RFPs?
Yes, the Pre-Qualification as currently posted is applicable to all RFPs. If a bidder is interested in more than one RFP, only one Pre-Qualification Application and Bid Participation Fee need to be submitted. The deadline for submission is the earliest of the due dates for the selected RFPs:
(Posted 4/2/09)
Why is Bidder banking information included as part of the Pre-Qualification Application?
The compressed timeframe for contract execution means that as much of the contract information as possible is being collected in advance, in order to streamline contract preparation for winning bidders.
(Posted 3/31/09)
Is there a tie or link between being selected as a winning bidder in in the Capacity, Energy and RECs procurements?
No. The bids in each procurement are considered independently.
(Posted 3/30/09)
Can you please describe the purpose for the requirement of the Pre Bid LOC (ILOC), what is this used for and when will it be returned?
The purpose of the pre-bid letter of credit is to assure that winning bidders will execute a binding agreement to provide the offered product. The pre-bid letter of credit will be returned to winning bidders as soon as a binding contract is executed and any required performance assurance is provided. The pre-bid letter of credit will be returned to losing bidders soon after the winning bidders are notified.
(Posted 3/26/09)

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